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Providing high quality rebuilt screen printing equipment for a
fraction of the cost

With more than 20 years experience in the screen printing industry, we understand the challenges that printers face - including the rising cost of new equipment.

That’s one problem we’ve eliminated for you at A.W.T. World Trade with our remanufactured line of screen printing equipment!

We can take a press or dryer that’s five, ten or even 15 years old and rebuild it to a like-new condition at a fraction of the cost required for a new machine.When you purchase remanufactured equipment from A.W.T., you’ll know exactly what you’re getting - the highest quality and finest built equipment in the industry - all backed with a 90-day warranty!

We pride ourselves on using the highest quality parts and standards, giving you top quality equipment at a price you can afford!


A.W.T. Remanufactured Equipment
A.W.T.'s remanufacturing standards
are above any in the industry!
Our procedures include:
1. Stripping and press/machine down to its framework
2. Cleaning and thoroughly degreasing the frame
3. Applying a new coat of paint
4. Professionally resurfacing and properly leveling the vacuum bed, where applicable
5. Inspecting and replacing, if necessary, bearings, belts, electrical wiring and all other parts subject to wear
6. Opening and inspecting gear boxes
7. Replacing gears that are worn or even questionable, and the reassembling the gears with new seals and filling with fresh oil
8. Inspecting motors and replacing brushes
9. Reassembling, aligning and returning the equipment back to original factory specification (modification are available)
10. Thoroughly testing all equipment prior to shipping


We are always looking to increase our inventory and expand our selection of items for screen printers.

Call us if you have something to sell in any condition. Especially wanted are: textile, graphic or 3-D printers and dryers.

Send a photo and fax us a list or you equipment.


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